Happy Gilmore 2: Will Adam Sandler Return to the Golf Course?

Since its release in 1996, “Happy Gilmore” has become a cult classic, loved by fans for its unique blend of comedy and sports drama. Adam Sandler’s portrayal of the hot-headed yet endearing hockey player turned golfer captured audiences’ hearts and left them wanting more. Over the years, rumors of a sequel have circulated, igniting excitement among fans. But are these rumors true? Let’s dive into the latest buzz surrounding “Happy Gilmore 2.”

The Origins of the Rumors

The Origins of the Rumors

Christopher McDonald, who played villain Shooter McGavin in director Dennis Dugan’s 1996 Universal movie, recently added fuel to the fire. During an appearance on Audacy radio show 92.3 The Fan, McDonald revealed that Sandler had shown him a draft of the script for a Happy Gilmore sequel.

“Here’s a quick intel,” McDonald told host Ken Carman. “I saw Adam about two weeks ago and he says to me ‘McDonald. You’re going to love this.’ I said ‘What?’ And he says ‘How about that?’ and he shows me a first draft of Happy Gilmore 2.”

The “Hacks” actor then joked that the radio producers should cut his comment out of the interview in case the project did not pan out.

“I don’t want to be a liar,” he said, “I said that would be awesome. It’s in the works. Fans demand it.”

Speculation about a sequel to “Happy Gilmore” has been rampant for years, fueled by various interviews and social media posts from Adam Sandler and other cast members. In a 2020 interview, Sandler expressed interest in revisiting the character, stating, “I’ve been thinking about it. I’m not going to lie to you and say we’re not. We’re talking about it.”

The Plot Speculations

While details about the plot of “Happy Gilmore 2” remain scarce, fans have been quick to share their own ideas and wishes for the sequel. Some have suggested that the film could focus on Happy’s return to professional golf, while others have proposed storylines involving his family or a new rival on the golf course. Whatever direction the sequel takes, one thing is certain: fans are eager to see Happy Gilmore back in action.

Cast and Crew Updates

One of the most pressing questions surrounding “Happy Gilmore 2” is whether Adam Sandler and other key cast members will return for the sequel. While no official announcements have been made, Sandler’s previous comments and McDonald’s recent revelation suggest that he is open to reprising his role. As for other cast members, many have expressed interest in returning, including Christopher McDonald, who played Happy’s nemesis, Shooter McGavin.

Will It Happen?

While the rumors and speculations surrounding “Happy Gilmore 2” are exciting, it’s important to approach them with caution. Hollywood is no stranger to rumors and projects that never come to fruition, and until an official announcement is made, fans should temper their expectations. That being said, the continued interest from Adam Sandler and the cast, along with the enduring popularity of the original film, certainly make a sequel seem plausible.


“Happy Gilmore 2” remains one of the most anticipated potential sequels in Hollywood, with fans eagerly awaiting any news about the project. While rumors have been circulating for years, there has yet to be an official announcement from Adam Sandler or the studio. Until then, fans will have to content themselves with rewatching the original film and speculating about what a sequel could entail. Whether or not “Happy Gilmore 2” ever sees the light of day, one thing is clear: the love for Happy Gilmore and his unconventional approach to golf remains as strong as ever.

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