Tarot Review – A Thrilling, Yet Predictable Horror Ride

Tarot (2024), directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, attempts to weave a tale of horror and suspense through the mystical world of tarot cards. The film, based on Nicholas Adams’ 1992 novel “Horrorscope,” introduces us to a group of college friends who encounter a sinister fate after meddling with ancient tarot cards.

Plot and Setting

Set in a remote mansion, the story unfolds as the friends stumble upon a forbidden room housing occult artifacts and a deck of tarot cards. Despite warnings, they perform readings that eerily predict their deaths, leading to a series of mysterious and gruesome events. The setting, with its dimly lit corridors and creaking doors, aims to create an atmosphere of dread but often falls back on overused horror tropes.

Characters and Performances

The ensemble cast, led by Jacob Batalon as Paxton, delivers a mix of charm and fear, though the characters lack depth and development. Harriet Slater stands out as Haley, whose knowledge of astrology and tarot becomes central to the plot. Olwen Fouéré’s portrayal of the occult expert, Ms. Astryn, adds a layer of intrigue and urgency to the narrative.

Direction and Cinematography

Cohen and Halberg’s directorial debut showcases their ability to craft suspenseful scenes, but the film’s choppy execution and reliance on clichés hinder its potential. The cinematography captures the eerie ambiance but doesn’t bring anything new to the genre.

Tarot features some commendable special effects, particularly in the kill scenes, which are both brutal and frightening. The sound design effectively amplifies the tension, though it occasionally overplays the jump-scare card.


Tarot (2024) delivers a horror experience that may satisfy fans of the genre looking for a quick thrill. While it stands out in the PG-13 horror category for its intense scenes, it ultimately feels like a forgettable entry in the horror film deck. The movie plays its hand with gusto but reveals a hand that we’ve seen played before.

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