List of Movies Directed by George Clooney

George Clooney, renowned for his on-screen charisma and versatility as an actor, has also made significant strides behind the camera. His directorial ventures reflect a keen eye for storytelling, a penchant for historical and political narratives, and a commitment to exploring complex characters. Here’s a look at the movies directed by George Clooney that showcase his directorial prowess.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

Clooney’s directorial debut is a biographical spy comedy that tells the story of television producer and game show creator Chuck Barris. The film explores the claim that Barris was a CIA assassin, blending reality with fantasy in a darkly comedic tone.

Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)

A historical drama that serves as a tribute to journalism, this film focuses on the conflict between journalist Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joseph McCarthy during the early days of broadcast journalism in America. It’s a black-and-white portrayal of a pivotal moment in media history, emphasizing the importance of press freedom.

Leatherheads (2008)

This romantic comedy set in the world of 1920s American football combines Clooney’s love for sports with a screwball comedy style. It’s a light-hearted look at the professionalization of the sport, with Clooney himself playing the lead role.

The Ides of March (2011)

A political drama that delves into the dirty game of politics, this film follows an idealistic staffer working on a new presidential campaign who learns about the dark side of political campaigns. It’s a gripping tale of ambition, betrayal, and the quest for power.

The Monuments Men (2014)

Set during World War II, this historical drama follows a platoon tasked with rescuing art masterpieces from Nazi thieves. The film blends elements of war, history, and art, underscoring the value of cultural preservation.

Suburbicon (2017)

A dark comedy that satirizes the idyllic American suburbs of the 1950s, “Suburbicon” takes a sharp turn into the sinister as a family’s home invasion reveals the community’s dark underbelly. It’s a commentary on the facade of the American dream.

The Midnight Sky (2020)

A post-apocalyptic tale that follows a lonely scientist in the Arctic racing to prevent astronauts from returning to a globally-catastrophic Earth. It’s a science fiction drama that explores themes of isolation, survival, and the human connection.

The Tender Bar (2021)

Clooney’s latest directorial work is a coming-of-age story about a boy growing up on Long Island who seeks out father figures among the patrons at his uncle’s bar. It’s a poignant exploration of family, aspirations, and the places we call home.

The Boys in the Boat (2023)

An upcoming project, this film will tell the story of the University of Washington’s 1936 eight-oar crew and their epic quest for gold at the Berlin Olympics. It’s a tale of determination and resilience that promises to be another compelling entry in Clooney’s directorial filmography.


Clooney’s directorial efforts are marked by a diverse range of genres and themes, yet they all share his distinctive touch. From the comedic to the serious, each film invites the audience to look beyond the surface and find the human stories within. As Clooney continues to direct, one can only anticipate more thought-provoking and entertaining films to come.

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