Among Us – Animated Series: Meet the Voice Cast!

The highly anticipated “Among Us” animated series has just revealed its star-studded voice cast. Based on the phenomenally popular social deception game, this animated show promises to bring the thrilling suspense and mystery of the game to the small screen. Let’s dive into the talented actors who will be lending their voices to our favorite crewmates and impostors.

1. Randall Park as ‘Red’

  • Character: Captain of The Skeld
  • Traits: People-pleaser, blowhard
  • Task: Leadership, confidence
  • Fun Fact: Randall Park’s character has a knack for failing upwards.

2. Ashley Johnson as ‘Purple’

  • Character: Chief of Security
  • Traits: Safety-conscious, suspicious, sarcastic
  • Task: Wet blanket
  • Fun Fact: Trust issues run deep for Ashley Johnson’s character.

3. Yvette Nicole Brown as ‘Orange’

  • Character: HR Representative
  • Traits: Spineless corporate shill
  • Task: Eliminate redundancy, redundantly
  • Fun Fact: She fires you over email—no face-to-face awkwardness!

4. Elijah Wood as ‘Green’ (The Unpaid Intern)

  • Character: Happy to be there
  • Task: Whatever they’re told
  • Fun Fact: Payment? Nah, just give them pizza!

The show is a collaboration between CBS Studios, developer Innersloth, and creator Owen Dennis. Fans can expect the same cafeteria vibes from the original game, complete with pizza, plates, and a blood-covered banner that ominously reads: “We’re Dead.” 🍕💀

The animation studio Titmouse, known for hits like Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks, is handling the animation. With this stellar voice cast, the “Among Us” animated series is poised to be a thrilling addition to our screens.

Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await the release of this exciting show! 🚀🎮

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